GenRobotics is a robotic company specialized in powered robotic exoskeletons, RC Controlled Humanoid Robotic Systems and Artificial Intelligence. The company was founded in 2015 by a team of passionate engineers in Robotics and Defence engineering.

After the successful completion of the first prototype, the main focus of the company was on powered exoskeleton and then developing a simple and compact exoskeleton for commercial purpose, right now the company has done a good research in powered exoskeleton and different control aspects. Some of the research work got better attention in the world market. It was selected for ICMM 16 by American Society for Research in Robotics and Mechatronics which was held in Singapore and won the best presentation award.

We pursued our journey and made a smaller but stronger version of powered exoskeleton, G2 is the cheapest and strongest exoskeleton available in the world market. It has given us a vast attention from all around the world. The Government of Kerala is also interested in our project, and we have committed with 2 different projects for them.

Powered exoskeletons are commonly designed for military purposes, to help soldiers to carry heavy loads in and out of combat. In civilian areas, similar exoskeletons can be used by industrial workers, fire-fighters and other rescue workers to lift heavy weights and survive dangerous environments.

The medical field is another prime area for exoskeleton technology, where it can be used to enhance the precision during surgery, or as an assistant to nurses to provide help for heavy patients. Countries like America, Japan, and China are doing lots of research in this field. Currently available exoskeletons are expensive due to conventional technology. Our concept of manufacturing the exoskeleton is quite different from existing technologies as it is simple, cheap and economical than others.

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