G-Robotic Suit

Generation 1

The miraculous invention that set high bar in humanoid robotic field. A 10 ft. high robot that can be operated by an individual by placing himself inside, it’s a prototype of the technology than can be used for defence purpose, space application, weight lifting and anywhere that requires some extra power and protection.... Read more..

Generation 2

The prodigy of GenRobotics, which revolutionized our thinking and motivated us to go beyond our limitations. The main difference of G2 from its predecessor is that it uses a pneumatic feedback system. The feedback concept has got a lot of application in machine tool controlling, automobile steering and breaking, medical field etc. Read more..

Generation 3

Mere words are not enough to describe G3. It’s something to be seen and experienced. The transcendence of Gen solutions, the ultra-modern edition which uses Artificial intelligence....... Read more..