CFRP structure

Simple user interface

Dirt proof

Single user operation

Easily attach to vehicle

Water Proof IP68

Bandicoot is a robotic system for manhole and sewer line cleaning aimed at the complete elimination of manual scavenging from the face of earth.

Manual Scavenging v/s Bandicoot

Manual Scavenging:

The earliest form of sewer cleaning was hand excavation whereby labourers loaded sediment into barrows which were moved down the sewer and then lifted out at manholes by bucket. The work is not only dirty, unpleasant and dangerous. For these reasons it is now only considered when all other methods are not possible for one reason or another.

In extreme situations, silt and debris may have to be removed by open excavation to the sewer and removal of a section of the pipe or brick to gain access to the interior of the sewer.

  • The major problem in manual scavenging is the health issues faced by the workers and more over the cleaning is done by human beings because of earning.
  • Asphyxia occurs when the foreman does not get enough oxygen to sustain life. It may be due to low oxygen level in the atmosphere or high hazardous gas concentration.
  • Difficult to work in any climate.
  • More than 3 workers for one manhole.


The main reason behind all accidents happened in manholes is due to the lack of awareness of the actual scenario inside the manhole. From this point starts to immense the new technology from the mechatronics and robotics.

Here we have been implemented the human controlled robot ‘Bandicoot’ for facing this challenge. A Semiautomatic robotic system for manhole and sewer line cleaning aimed at the complete elimination of manual scavenging for cleaning the manhole and positioning the pressurized jet in an accurate manner in water jet cleaning.

Bandicoot can have more features over the manual scavenging and it has a vital role to play. Bandicoot is the key product to the world of innovation. Bandicoot can perform the work of five human beings within minutes, and it is available in automatic and semi-automatic modes. It never limits the job opportunities for sewer workers rather developing their mode of living.

The Bandicoot Robot is patented to Genrobotic Innovations.