Let's Change Manhole to Robohole

Capable to perform all sewer cleaning methods and automatic desilting.


Key Features

Machine vision

  • Image processing
  • High resolution camera with night vision

IP 68

  • Water Resistant
  • Dust Proof


  • Lighter & Stronger than steel
  • Corrosion free & Long Lasting


  • Simple to Use with auto clean option.

Gas Sensing

  • Detection and alert for harmful and toxic gases

AI Powered

  • Artificial Intelligence for the processing of data.
  • Sewer line detection using Artificial Intelligence

Customisable Depth

  • Bandicoot 2.0 could manure holes up to 15 meters depth

Training Assistance

  • Inbuilt Software assistance for learning operations

Introducing Robotic scavenging

The first Robotic scavenger in the world developed with a vision to eliminate manual scavenging from the society. Combination of pneumatic and electric actuators make possible the safe and elegant way of cleaning manholes in a short time. Infrared cameras helping in live internal inspection. The clogs and wastes can be monitored in the screen fixed on the external stand helps to control the robot in the right manner. The operator doesn’t need to get into the manhole hence the operation can be remotely controlled using simple user interface. This innovation is changing the lives of manual scavengers and making their lives safer and dignified.

Bandicoot is an Amurth Award winning technology, has also won Asia inspiration award and Selected for Dubai future accelerator among many other milestones.

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