Having troubles while cleaning / maintaining the open Sewer-Wells?

We are providing robotic solutions for cleaning / maintaining open Sewer-wells. This robotic solution can remove all types of solid waste from the open sewer well without the need for human entry.

Bandicoot WC is a 3D Robotic Cleaning technology that combines the use of advanced machine vision that enables easy access to every corner of the Sewer-Well and with the help of an integrated bucket system, the robot can collect and lift all kinds of waste from the well.

Bandicoot WC™:

Compatible Types of open wells: Inlet collecting wells , Screening wells , Final collecting wells.

Dimensions of compatible wells: Inside diameter 2 - 6 M , Depth 5 - 10 M.

Removable wastes: Hard rocks, Sand, Silt, Sludge, Non-Biodegradable wastes, etc.