Directors and Investors

Meet the young minded, socially driven persons, the brains behind Genrobotic

Meet our Founders, the brains behind Genrobotics

Vimal Govind M K proved his career as a magnificent Robotic Design En...Read more

Arun George is the Chief Administrative Officer in the Company. He ma...Read more

Our Team

Our Investors

In our journey toward building a better and safer world using robotics & AI, we have been backed by some of the prominent companies and Philanthropistic personnels. These investments reflect their commitment to society as individuals standing for a better tomorrow

  1. Zoho Corp

    In Series A round we’ve been backed by Zoho corp. with a total investment of 20 cr. in the year 2022.

  2. Mr Anand Mahindra , SEA Fund and Unicorn India Ventures

    Mr Anand Mahindra , SEA Fund and Unicorn India Ventures invested a total of 2.5 cr. in the Pre series A that helped towards building indigenous robotic technology in India in the year 2022.

  3. Rajan Anandan , Unicorn India Ventures

    In the beginning of investments we were backed by Mr Rajan Anandan with a total of 0.75 cr. to amp up our development of indigenous robotic technologies to fight social issues such as Manual scavenging in the year 2018

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