G Beetle is an advanced skyscraper facade cleaning robot designed to revolutionise the safety and productivity in the cleaning and maintenance of massive skyscrapers. It is designed with a vision to safeguard the workers from the frightening heights. Skyscraper facade and wall cleaning is considered as one of the dangerous jobs in the world as it is highly risky and often causes fatalities and creates huge damage to the facades itself. It is an inevitable process that has to be carried out for proper maintenance and beautification of facades and to have a better outlook of the cityscape.

G Beetle provides an advanced and safer method that works with care, intelligence and efficiency. G Beetle is engineered with a combination of Robotic drone system and Artificial intelligence that enables the robot to ensure better efficiency and maximum productivity while providing a high amount of safety. The robotic drone unit is designed with the Dynamic Balancing feature that uses Propellers and Thrusters to keep the perfect contact with the facade during the cleaning and maintenance process.

Compatible for - Cleaning & Patchwork of skyscrapers | Compatible Surfaces Glass, Concrete and other Standard Facades.| Operating Power Source -Cable controlled (Electric and Pneumatic Actuators)

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