Generation 1

The miraculous invention that set high bar in humanoid robotic field. A 10 ft. high robot that can be operated by an individual by placing himself inside, it’s a prototype of the technology than can be used for defence purpose, space application, weight lifting and anywhere that requires some extra power and protection.

One of the biggest challenges faced during the development of g1 was finding the magic geometry that was required for the smooth working of the robot. Even an inch off the mark would result in distorted and incomplete translation of rider’s movement.

While movements in human being requires 23 set of muscles. G1’s movements are translated with 3 sets of mechanism. After continuous research, our team made an innovative mechanism for stable leg movement that was inspired from the complex movements in human hip and buttock area.

Generation 1 is the first success model in our hall of fame. The huge support and applause from everyone provided us with the boost to pursue our dreams with confidence.