Generation 2

The prodigy of GenRobotics, which revolutionized our thinking and motivated us to go beyond our limitations. The main difference of G2 from its predecessor is that it uses a pneumatic feedback system. The feedback concept has got a lot of application in machine tool controlling, automobile steering and breaking, medical field etc.

Since g2 provide a sensational feedback we will feel like the machine as an extension of the body. It is a battery-powered functional exoskeleton (robotic suit) having a small budget of just Rs. 51,000. One year of research in the field of exoskeleton brought new knowledge and information to us which resulted in developing pneumatic controlled powered exoskeleton with mechanical feedback concept which provided much more power to the machine.

This idea has been patented in Chennai office application number 3829/che/2015. Further research in this field opened new doors for us and we wrote a paper based on this concept. It was selected for ICMM 16 by American Society For Research In Robotics And Mechatronics which was held in Singapore. Vimal Govind, CEO of Genrobotics presented the paper to a group of scientists from all over the world and won the award for best presentation competing with 13 papers from different countries.
Click here for the paper presented in ICMM 16.

This was a huge motivation to continue our research and build G2. Hands of G2 can lift 60 kg and its legs can lift 160 kg all together its hands can lift approx. 100 kg. The user can lift up to 60kg with an effective force of 500g on him and can walk with ease. This was possible because we used locally available components for constructing this machine.

Generation 1 is the first success model in our hall of fame. The huge support and applause from everyone provided us with the boost to pursue our dreams with confidence.