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इन्डस्ट्रियल कणफैन्ड स्पेस की सफाई के लिए रोबोटिक समाधान!


Willboar is the most advanced robotic-rover compatible for cleaning and removing all kinds of sludge from confined space such as Horizontal and Vertical petroleum tanks, Open drainage, Sewer treatment plants and Water treatment plants. Willboar comes with a high pressure water jetting system which unclogs and loosen up hard sludge for their easy removal. Inbuilt Sucking module enables the rover to carry out the waste safely to the collection chamber. Willboar is designed with a continuous rubber track system aiding effortless full traction around the tank. Willboar helps to navigate and inspect the tank from outside, using ATEX certified high resolution machine vision technology for easy identification of clog-material and sludges.

What Makes Bandicoot More efficient


Jetting Module The jetting module present in the rover with its adjustable pressure, enables it to unclog and loosen up the hard sludges for their easy removal.


Sucking Module Willboar comes with a Sucking module to take the waste outside the tank by air suction, enabling it to clear out any kinds of sediments.


Machine Vision Willboar is equipped with machine visions for Low-Light cleaning, Visual Inspection, and a HD Display for enhanced cleaning.


Continuous rubber track system It ensures effortless mobility through its continuous rubber track system aiding full traction around the tank to provide a safe and clean tank.

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