G BEETLE - Manhole Monitoring System

Why do we have to wait for the manholes to overflow to start their cleaning ?

The Manhole Monitoring System (MMS) is a complete sanitation solution which monitors the manhole network, it collects the crucial data and process it using machine learning and AI technology to give an overall idea about the health of the manhole and giving an alert when it is getting clogged/overflowing. The MMS will also provide with updates for the routine maintenance of the manholes.

The manhole monitoring system has sensors to detect various of all these relevant data, which will be processed by an on board chip and the data will be then transferred using remotely to the cloud, the alerts and the notifications can be seen using the email, mobile applications.

As we say prevention is better than cure, we will be using the manhole monitoring system the same way and this will reduce the work and the time spent on cleaning the manhole when they have over flown rather cleaning them before that.