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Bandicoot - The World's First Robotic Scavenger

Manhole accidents are increasing at a disastrous rate. Lack of oxygen and presence of hazardous gases makes it difficult for a human to enter a manhole. Reasons for these type of accidents are lack of training, lesser use of protective measures, etc... Read more..

Manhole Monitoring sytsem

Why do we have to wait for the manholes to overflow to start their cleaning ? The Manhole Monitoring System (MMS) is a complete sanitation solution which monitors the manhole network, it collects the crucial data and process it using machine learning and AI technology to give an overall idea about the health of the manhole and giving an alert when it is getting clogged/overflowing. Read more..

G-Robotic Suit

Sometimes the circumstances don’t concede the limitations of our body. That moment we have to go beyond the boundaries of the flesh. That extra power could make big changes in the world. It may be the outset of a new civilization. All superheroes are born in that extra resolution. Knowledge is power. Genrobotics is using the team’s skill in engineering to give extra power beyond the barriers of flesh to mankind in the form of a robotic exoskeleton. Read more..