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The World's First Robotic Scavenger

Bandicoot 2.0 - The World’s First Robotic Scavenger designed to eliminate manual scavenging, was launched in the presence of Hon'ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi and U.N.Secretary-General Mr Antonio Guterres in the International Sanitation Convention held at Delhi on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.

2nd October 2018

"Your Commitment to Technology is worth emulation by others"

“As young professionals, your commitment to using technology for social good is worth emulation by others” The recognition made by Hon’ble Vice President Venkaiah Naidu on the commitment of Genrobotics on using technologies for the betterment of society.

6th March 2020

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“There are many who worry about robots ‘de-humanizing’ society. This is one area in which I believe they will do precisely the opposite...We need more of these.”

Anand Mahindra

Chairman, Mahindra Group

Photo ofVenkaiah Naidu

I am happy about the team for inventing a robot to replace manual scavenging. As young professionals, your commitment to using technology for the social good is worth emulation by others.

Venkaiah Naidu

Vice President of India

Photo ofMinistry of Housing and Urban Affairs

Bandicoot will enable zero human intervention in the cleaning process. The Bandicoot Robot has been developed as a make in India initiative by Genrobotics & is an excellent example for other cities to improve the working conditions of sanitary workers & completely eliminate manual scavenging

Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

Photo ofET Tech

Genrobotics is using cutting-edge technology to overcome some of the most deep-rooted social issues, such as manual scavenging.

ET Tech

Photo ofStartup India

Genrobotics, the winner of the ‘National Startup Award’, offers human-controlled robots as alternatives to manual scavenging, with successful implementation in various states of India.

Startup India

Photo ofDigital India

Genrobotic Innovations is recognized for its Outstanding Contribution in Promotion of Electronics with Bandicoot, the world's first robotic scavenger, in the ESDM Startups category.

Digital India

Photo ofMarico Innovation Foundation

Genrobotic Innovations specialize in designing solutions that address pressing social issues by seamlessly combining robotics and artificial intelligence.

Marico Innovation Foundation

Photo ofSmart Cities Mission

During the pandemic, Bandicoot Robots have come as a blessing for the city because the work of sewer cleaning can be done in a completely hygienic manner.

Smart Cities Mission

Photo ofRajan Anandan

Think about this innovation, it will impact 4 million Indians which means 25 million family members who are all going to have very different lives because of this one innovation.

Rajan Anandan

MD of Sequoia Capital/EX VP of Google India


The operational performance of the robot is found to be satisfactory with service and fulfilling our requirements to date for manhole cleaning without manual intervention. The robot can dive into deeper manholes for cleaning up to 8.0 m. depth. It is built user friendly and can be used for the inspection of manholes through the inbuilt cameras and gas sensing feature.


Photo ofMRPL

Bandicoot Robot and accessories are very efficient for use in the operating condition of refineries with a compact design that helps for easy maneuvering inside refinery plant areas.



The Robot is very useful for the skill development of the Safai Karamcharees and Manual Scavenging has reduced to a great extent after the introduction of the Robot onsite. The Safai Karamcharees are operating the Robot after training, the manholes are cleaned more efficiently and are successful in fulfilling our site requirements.


Photo ofSurat Municipal Corporation

The Robot is very useful for the skill development of the Safai Karamcharees. They are operating the Robot after training and the Manholes are cleaned more efficiently and are successful in fulfilling our site requirements.

Surat Municipal Corporation

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