"Providing Better & safer methods to the people, using Robotics & AI for working with extreme & unsafe environments for the welfare of mankind. "

- Team Genrobotics


The World's First Robotic Scavenger

A replacement for human scavengers


"Your committment to use technology for the social good is worth emulation by others"

- Shri Venkaiah Naidu, Hon'ble Vice President of India

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Bandicoot™ - The World's 1st Robotic Scavenger

Fully Automatic | 4 Machine vision
Gas Sensing | Sewer Line Detection
Training Assistance

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G BEETLE™ - Smart Manhole Monitoring System

Live Manhole Monitoring | MMS AI | Intelligent Prediction System | 4G LTE

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Bandicoot WC™ - The World's 1st Sewer Well Cleaning Robot

Fully Automatic | 3D Smart Cleaning |
4 Machine vision | Smart UI

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Venkaiah Naidu | Vice President of India

“I am happy about the team for inventing a robot to replace manual scavenging. As young proffesionals your commitment to use technology for the social good is worth emulation by others. Digital technology hold a tremendous potential For betterment of the people and their lives.”

Anand Mahindra | Chairman, Mahindra Group

“There are many who worry about robots ‘de-humanizing’ society. This is one area in which I believe they will do precisely the opposite...We need more of these. There’s a lot of nervousness about the role of robots & AI in the future. But frankly, if robots can liberate people from this most degrading job in the universe, then I promise I will discard any doubts & always pray at the shrine of technology & robotics.”

Amitabh Kant | CEO, NITI Ayog

“A robot to end manual scavenging? The sweeper bot 50-kg robotic scavenger has a robotic arm with 360-degree motion which plucks out the solid waste from the corners of the manhole which clears sewage blockages. There are cameras attached to the machine.”

Rajan Anadan | Ex VP, Google South Asia

You know there are 4 million scavengers in India, it is actually illegal and most of them don’t live beyond the age of 30. These 24 year old youngsters from Kerala have built a robot called Bandicoot where now the manual scavengers can actually operate the robot; the robot goes into the manhole, uses computer vision and scoops out the dirt. Now a person doesn’t need to... "

Pinarayi Vijayan | Chief Minister of Kerala

It is inhuman/dehumanizing to let our fellow humans work in a life threatening and inhuman situation. That must end here. It is a happy moment to see these young engineers find a solution for this inhuman act. It is an example set for our own country and the world to see.

Dr. Kiran Bedi | Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry

“Sewage cleaning robot called Bandicoot. Ought to be mandated for all municipalities in the country. Please do not delay it’s co-option by all municipalities. Human Right Commission ought to mandate it.”

Ritesh Agarwal | CEO, OYO Rooms

“It warms my heart to see passionate and talented young people exploring innovative solutions to age-old problems. Leveraging the right technology & talent can fix a lot of existing problems. Feeling wonderful about these young, talented innovators of Genrobotics creating world-class tech-driven solutions to aid brilliant initiatives like Swachh Bharat and StartupIndia. Best wishes for the team and looking forward to more such tech-driven innovations.”

Dr. Alby John | MD, Tuticorin Smart City

“It is a moment of pride since Tuticorin Smart City to use robots for cleaning manholes. Thanks for Team Genrobotics for the brilliant idea and execution. All the very best for MissionRobohole”

Yashpal Yadav, IAS | Municipal commissioner, Gurugram

“Manual scavenging is a curse, and so we tied to find a way out. Thus due to the enthusiastic young budding these generation engineers, Bandicoot robot is introduced in Gurugram city to eliminate manual scavenging. With the introduction of these robots, we could able to do these work in a better manner.”

Shainamol IAS | MD, Kerala Water Authority

A year back a photo came in a newspaper , a photo of a worker cleaning a manhole with waste water up to his neck our chief minister saw this news he intimated both the water resource minister and me being the MD of kerala water authority insisting to find a solution to stop manual scavenging. it was around team genrobotics came to meet me in 2018 January and genrobotics was selected as the first startup innovator by kerala water authority.

G Prakash IAS | CMA, Tamil Nadu

Completely robotic controlled, everything can recorded in video, it can be operated from outside by using buttons, it is very easy to use but still its is designed with great technical inputs.

Pradeep Kumar IAS | Sub Collector, Kumbakonam

Even though we eliminated the manual scavenging completely in Tamil nadu, due to emergency or during disaster time we are engaging manual scavengers , because we don’t have an alternative for that. But now we find out the solution.

Veera Pandiyan IAS | Collector, Ananthapuramu

Ananthpuramu district has decided to use robot ‘Bandicoot’ to do robotic cleaning instead of manual cleaning. Henceforth the manhole will be termed as robohole. Genrobotics innovations has agreed to partner with Ananthpuramu District Administration in comprehensive rehabilitation of manual scavengers.