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Robotics for Extremities


Redefining Desludging in Large Confined Spaces

Engineered to Handle Extremities of Large Confined Spaces

Introducing Wilboar, our cutting-edge robotic rover designed for efficiently cleaning sludge and waste within large industrial confined spaces. Wilboar incorporates technology that includes high-pressure water jets and grinders to effortlessly dislodge and eliminate stubborn sludge, simplifying the entire cleaning procedure. Wilboar revolutionises industrial confined space cleaning, enhancing both its efficiency and safety.

Critical Grinding Mechanism

With its formidable grinding mechanism, Wilboar effortlessly tackles substantial and solid waste materials, rendering waste removal from containers and pits a rather task. With Wilboar's effectiveness and time-saving features, bid farewell to the challenges of managing significant solid waste.

High-Pressure Water Jetting

Utilising high-pressure water jetting, Wilboar adeptly reduces solid waste, streamlining the grinding procedure. The high-pressure water jet system enhances efficiency and makes even intricate waste removal from industrial containers and pits simple.

Metallic Track Chain System

Wilboar’s metallic track chain system ensures effortless mobility within storage tanks and pits. The rubber coating on the metallic track chain aids in manoeuvrability, elevating Wilboar's ability to access each and every corner.

Machine Vision

Wilboar is equipped with two IP68 Machine Vision Technology, ensuring crystal-clear visuals even in low light conditions, especially within storage tanks and pits. These advanced capabilities ensure seamless inspection.

Engineered to Outperform, Setting a New Standard


Variable Pressure Hydro-Jetting


IP68 Resistant


Heavy Duty Manoeuvrability


2 IP68 Camera


Robotic Cleaning

Metallic track

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