CSR at Genrobotic Innovations

Genrobotic Innovations Private Ltd. is a company committed to technological innovation and social responsibility. As a socially responsible organization, the company understands the importance of contributing to the development of the communities it operates in.
At Genrobotic Innovations, we firmly believe that business success goes hand in hand with social responsibility. We are committed to creating a positive impact on society through our corporate
social responsibility (CSR) initiatives

Genrobotic Innovations Private Limited, always believes in continuous innovation to be the core for developing robotic technologies that ensure safety and empowerment to uplift the lives of people. With innovative products, Genrobotic Innovations Private Limited had empowered the lives of more than 3000 sanitation workers spanning around 19 states of our country. Apart from working on a social model for the business, Genrobotic Innovations Private Limited defines itself apart from its core robotics to reach the people for their betterment. Genrobotic Innovations Private partnered with Genrobotics Foundation to expand its reach and benefit more people through social impact initiatives. The founders of Genrobotic Innovations Private Limited are dedicated to giving back to society through their innovations and other efforts, and this is reflected in Genrobotic Innovations Private Limited Innovations CSR ventures.