Genrobotic Innovations

GenRobotic Innovations specialized in design and development of robotic solutions to address the most pressing social issues. Our best in class solutions combines the use of robotics and artificial intelligence in a seamless fashion. The company was founded in 2015 by a young group of passionate engineers specialized in robotics and defense engineering.

Our journey so far has been exciting and eventful. The first milestone was achieved during our academic days when we first developed the robotic powered exoskeleton there after our constant endeavor has been into developing the compact design for commercial purpose. Our latest G2 (Generation two) model is considered as the lightest, cheap and yet powerful & innovative exoskeleton model available in the fourth industrialized world. G2 Model is capable of performing multifarious tasks like handling logistics in combat military operations, at construction sites, perform roles for firefighting & rescue missions.

As a social enterprise, we have created successful social impact through the conception, designing and development of “Bandicoot” a semi-robotic device with a human-controlled interface to clean manholes. The success of Bandicoot has earned several laurels for us from across the world. Today we take pride in bringing quality changes into the lives of manual scavengers. As an entity, Genrobotics continuously strives to be at the forefront dedicated for innovation & development of cutting-edge robotic solutions that touches the lives of many and thereby bringing transformative changes in society. Also we would constantly touch base with institutions having aspiring young engineers work closely with them to develop solutions for the overall wellbeing of the society.