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Control System Engineer (Drone Development)

Robotic Software Engineer – Sonar Navigation

Job Description

We are looking for engineers focused on the areas of acoustics, signal processing, algorithm development, modeling, data analysis, and software engineering with an interest in under-liquid
systems. The job is in research areas like active sonar, synthetic aperture sonar, acoustic navigation techniques, acoustic remote sensing, sonar image classification, and sonar system modeling.

Key Responsibilities:

  • To understand the requirements, design, develop, and debug hardware/software in acoustic sensor-based Robotic Navigation systems.
  • To identify components and software required for acoustic sensor-based system design.
  • To design and develop underwater/waste-water/crude-oil-based sonar/robotics equipment.
  • To develop models for under-liquid 3D mapping and object recognition for navigation systems.
    • To develop functions and algorithms for sonar-based high-performance ranging and navigation systems.
  • To develop sonar navigation software and signal processing algorithms that interface with sensors and arrays.
  • To test and evaluate different sonar systems in laboratory and field environments.
  • To create drawings, assembly instructions, and other supporting documentation for the
  • To support the installation and testing of systems in field locations.
  • Work closely with the production team to meet demonstration and market requirements

Desired Key skills

  • Strong grasp of Core Navigation Concepts such as Path Planning, Robot Kinematics, optimal state estimation techniques (KF, EKF, PF, etc), localization, etc
  • Experience developing software in a Linux/Windows environment
  • Strong C/C++/Python/CUDA skills (a basic understanding of ROS middle-ware)
  • Experience with MATLAB for modeling, simulation, and analysis of physical systems.
  • Knowledge of sub-sea electrical systems and sensors
  • Real-time application design skills

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Degree in Computer Science / Electrical and Electronics / Mechatronics / Robotics. Good
    to have Master / PhD

Skills Required:

Professional Certification on Sonar based Under-Liquid Navigation or related


2 to 4 years

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