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Robotics Mechanical Engineer – Dynamics & Simulation

Robotics Mechanical Engineer – Dynamics & Simulation

What's the opportunity ?

Join Genrobotics as a Robotics Mechanical Engineer specializing in Dynamics & Simulation. In this role, you'll engage in dynamic analysis, simulation, and the application of mathematical principles to enhance the design and evaluation of robotic systems. This position is tailored for engineers with a robust mechanical engineering background, expertise in dynamics, kinematics, mechanical design, and a profound grasp of mathematical concepts, including matrices, calculus, differential equations, and more. Proficiency in simulation and validation using tools like MATLAB to ensure precise robot motion is a fundamental requirement. Discover an exciting opportunity in the world of robotics at Genrobotics

Brief Job description :

As a Robotics Mechanical Engineer – Dynamics and simulation in Genrobotics, you will be involved in in dynamic analysis, simulation, and use of mathematical concepts in the design and evaluation of robotic systems. This role is ideal for an engineer with a strong background in mechanical engineering, dynamics, kinematics, and mechanical design, and a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, including matrices, calculus, differential equations, etc. Proficiency in tools like MATLAB for simulating and validating robot motion is essential.

Duties & Responsibilities :

  • Conduct detailed dynamic analysis of robotic systems to understand the effects of forces, torques, and loads on motion and stability.
  • Apply principles of kinematics and dynamics to optimize the performance and efficiency of robotic manipulators and mobile platforms.
  • Contribute to the mechanical design process, focusing on static force calculations, stress analysis, and robust structural design.
  • Use of CAD software for doing geometrical analysis, motion simulations, and optimizing the design parameters considering force, torque, etc as per the requirements of design engineers.
  • Utilize software tools like MATLAB, and ROS to create, simulate, and validate robotic system
  • models, ensuring they accurately represent real-world performance.
  • Collaborate with control engineering teams to optimize motion trajectories, path planning, and motion control strategies.
  • Assess the impact of design changes on the mechanical and dynamic aspects of robots, making improvements as needed.
  • Apply mathematical concepts, including calculus, optimization techniques, algebraic geometry, etc. to solve complex problems in robot control.
  • Utilize probability and statistics in various aspects, such as sensor data fusion, localization, and probabilistic motion planning.
  • Use of mathematical optimization techniques to find optimal solutions to various robotics problems, such as trajectory planning, path optimization, and parameter tuning for controllers.
  • Ensure that the mechanical aspects of robots conform to safety standards and perform risk assessments as required.
  • Maintain comprehensive documentation of simulation models, results, design decisions, and mechanical specifications.
  • Work closely with software engineers, control engineers, mechanical design engineers, and interdisciplinary teams to seamlessly
  • integrate mechanical and simulation components.

Key Skills :

  • Experience in MATLAB, Python, or equivalent tools for modeling and analysis.
  • Background in linear systems analysis, stability, and controller design.
  • Understanding, and intuition for the physics of basic motion control systems, kinematics, dynamics etc.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and strong mathematical abilities.
  • Proficiency in designing parts and assemblies using 3D modeling software.

    Qualification: B-Tech Mechanical Engineering/Mechatronics/Robotics or   Equivalent, good to have a Master in advanced Robotics or equivalent.
    Special qualification: Experience in robot modeling and control.
    Experience: 1-2 years

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